Red Card’s white label CAMP app was founded in 2011 as a way to feed student athletes off-campus while remaining compliant with NCAA rules. It is now used by universities across the Power 5 conferences as well as mid-majors to feed thousands of athletes every day.


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Training table meals are valuable however they get expensive and the student athletes lose interest. Many schools have swapped out some Training table meals with CAMP meals. It costs a fraction of the money, saves staff time, and provides the athletes some flexibility.

CAMP meals average $9 per meal and are only charged if the student athlete actually orders food whereas training table meals and dining meal plans can be as high as $23 per student athlete and are often charged whether the student athlete uses their meal swipe or not.  Building in variety of restaurant and menu choice through a CAMP meal enables your dining plan meals to stay fresh and better attended.

Giving student athletes the ability to eat out on their own schedule with per diem, pre-game, and post game money is great for both the student athlete and the athletic department.  This allows student athletes choice and flexibility and keeps staff from having to order another meal. That said, debit cards cannot be restricted the way CAMP meals can, which is why many schools have chosen CAMP meals as a per diem replacement. Meals through CAMP can be gated by time, date and restaurant choice and, most importantly, CAMP meals keep food money as food money.

The ability to feed student athletes unlimited snacks is a great way to ensure they are being fueled at all times and meeting their nutritional needs, but creates a problem of staff time and food waste. CAMP meals reduce staff time and food waste does not exist.  Allowing student athletes an opportunity to grab a few snacks throughout the week as a CAMP meal allows them to pick up snacks when they are hungry. There is no concern about ordering a catered snack and watching food go wasted.

Many meals can be scheduled for full teams and everybody is able to eat together, but sometimes there are challenges for individuals to attend the team meal. Student athletes might have class conflict issues where they can’t attend the training table meal and need to find an alternative. This is a perfect scenario for a CAMP meal, which can be scheduled for an individual athlete any time that is needed.  Other examples that schools use this for are injured student athletes or groups of a team that are non-travelers and still need to have a meal.

There are many times during the school year when student athletes are required to remain on campus during vacation periods and the dining facilities are closed.  CAMP meals are a great way to give the student athletes 3 meals per day and know they are eating. Many schools have swapped out debit cards during break period and save money while making sure the funds are spent on food.

Many schools choose to work with grocery stores and give the student athletes an opportunity to eat healthy food at home. Scholarship money, per diem or meals incidental dollars can be allocated to CAMP and designated to a grocery store to ensure meal planning and budgeting.






Student Athlete App

Each student athlete is given access to the CAMP app with a username and password.  A headshot of the student athlete is stored in the app to ensure he/she is the one ordering the food and each transaction is tied to that individual student athlete.

Restaurant Tablet

The restaurant clicks on the student athlete’s name after they have checked in and sees how much the student athlete has to spend and verifies the headshot matches the person ordering the food.  The POS receipt is digitally stored to a dashboard and the athletics staff can view it in real-time, showing what was ordered and how much was charged.


Red Card audits all transactions on the CAMP dashboard to ensure the student athletes stay compliant with all NCAA and state regulations.  We handle payment to the restaurants and bill the athletic department for the actual funds spent by the student athletes. We keep food money as food money and ensure their funds don’t go towards shoes and tattoos.



Red Card takes compliance very seriously.  Each transaction is audited by Red Card staff to ensure that no alcohol, tobacco, energy drinks and any other non-NCAA compliant items were purchased.

Cost effective

You will never go over budget and can feed your student athletes at a fraction of what many Training table meals cost.  There is no cost to the athletic department to use Red Card, we make our money by charging a per transaction fee to the restaurants.

Limited staff needs

We save your staff up to 40 hours per week and allow them to focus on the things that help your student athletes succeed rather than the tedious work of restaurant settlement and receipt auditing.  Both things our staff handles.


The program can be configured as the athletic department sees fit:

• a declining balance over a period of time
• a set amount for a specific timeframe
• a snack/meal several times throughout the week
• meals scheduled for a certain restaurant or a funds allocated just to a grocery store
• meals scheduled for an entire team or specific individuals on a team
• Recurring meals or balance by the week or month


The CAMP dashboard allows dietitians to monitor what food the athletes are purchasing which enables them to coach wiser nutritional choices.

Community outreach

Athletic Department money gets spent with local merchants, supporting the restaurants that support their student athletes.



Student athletes have a busy schedule. This program allows them to eat when they want.

High quality food choice

Student athletes are young people who still prefer a Chipotle burrito to steak and lobster.  They are being provided their preferred food.

Team building

Our data shows that the student athletes not only eat with teammates, but also with individuals from other teams.

The CAMP Performance Table Tracker is the only attendance tracking system built specifically for athletic departments.


Check in via app or student ID

Ability to swipe existing student ID

Set custom permissions by team

Custom real time reporting functions

✅ Track who came
✅ Track who did not
✅ Check-ins by day or hour
✅ Check-ins by sport

Check-in tablet app and student athlete app available for iOS

Check-in tablet app and student athlete app also available for Android

The CAMP Ordering system was built to make your fueling stations more efficient.


Dashboard for creating menu

Ability to limit number of orders provided to each athlete

Order via IOS or Android app or on-site tablet

Personalized recommendations by athlete

Control hours of operation

Control lead time for orders


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