Privacy Policy

Our Commitment

We take seriously the trust our clients place in us and recognize that one of the ways that we retain that trust is to respect our client’s privacy. Our business is information-centric, and we maintain physical, electronic and procedural controls to protect the personal and professional information of our clients. We use personal information only for the purpose of providing excellent service and do not share that information with anyone, at any time, except as absolutely necessary to deliver our service.

How We Collect Personal Information

  • We receive personal information from clients in order to establish accounts in our system.
  • We manage web sites on behalf of clients that enable registered users to access and manage accounts and user preferences.

How We Use Personal Information

  • We use personal information only as necessary to provide our service.
  • We do not monitor or collect information about individual user activity on our web sites. All personal information, however obtained, is considered confidential and used solely for the purpose of providing our service.
  • We send electronic communications to clients and users with general program or individual, non-proprietary account information.
  • We do not provide personal information to others.
  • We do not initiate any email, SMS or push notification communications without the approval of partner organization.

How We Secure Personal Information

We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard personal information. We have extensive security measures in place to protect users of our web sites from misuse, loss, and/or alteration of the user information under our company’s control and we limit access to personal information solely to those authorized personnel and contractors who require it to perform their job and are contractually required to keep the information secure and confidential.

We may change our policy from time to time to reflect a change in business practices. Any changes will be reflected here, so check back for the latest version.

If you have questions about this privacy policy or information security procedures we employ, please email